Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I love when my besties get together for a day of love and fun. A few weeks ago was Cat's baby shower and Jessi drove up from Vegas to be here for it. We had a girls day on the Friday before and just loved it. I love these girls so much. Wouldn't have gotten through DR without them.
I keep wondering what we were talking about at this moment in time... It looks interesting.
The day came complete with a haircut in Mary's kitchen. My friend Tiana (sitting) hasn't really cut her hair since junior high!!! Jessica cut off probably almost 10 inches. It was a fantastic finish.
We have a strong love.
Harry Mary Potter.
Driving and singing Justin Beiber at this moment. I love JB.
First pedicure of 2010. Guess who's are the prettiest!! Yep, mine. orange flips.
I just love this picture.
You can tell how I feel about this picture being taken by my pure cheese smile... gross.
Jessi Bear, Mary, Cat, TT, Alice.
So Pregnant. I love her belly. Can't wait for little Samsonite to come!!

Ziiionnnss 2010

Zions Park. Road Trip. so. Much. Fun. First night was FREEZING, but luckily I had my Snuggles with me to keep warm and cozified in my mummy bag.

Engagement photo rock. L + L + A = Love.
Feeding the chipmunks... this is illegal. But it was just so fun.
Loving the drive down in the Chadilliac. All set with our GaGa Goggles, Snuggles, a whole pan of brownies and old school tunes.
Pit Stop at the Slut Hut... or Brad's Food Hut. Apparently it has a reputation in Cedar City.. None the less- really great grilled cheese sandwich and a magical sparkling strawberry tattoo made it fantastic.
Such beautiful red rock mountains. I love this place. Its enchanting. Not so much a fan of the heights.. I only made it half way up Angels Landing - but at least I did the first half of the chains! I now know what it would feel like to almost fall to my death from shaking.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


First official road trip of 2010 (besides moving). Went to Island Park, Idaho. Magical. Only took 7 hours to get there instead of the normal 4. Why? Well, we HAD to stop in Malad, ID. If you've never been there, I suggest going. It's simply enchanting. And if you like grease, Malad Diner.

Melissa, me, Angela.
The cabin was amazing. Hot tubbing with Diet Coke (or Coke Zero) is the only way to do it. Also fake tattoo's that came from Malad. See? I told you it was a magical place.
And what's a car ride without gossip? Playing catch up in the back seat. Best part of the whole mag? Crossword in the back.
The Pier of Island Park. For some reason we spent almost an hour on this beloved structure.
We went on a couple bear hunts. Sadly, we never found a bear. Beethoven we did find. He smelled like a skunk, slobbered all over my pants and wouldn't catch my snowball. We got rid of him.


B.P.E. = Best Party Ever.
Every Sunday it happens.
Some of the things we've done-

Lots of Jumping.

Big Bubbles
Trying to catch bubbles.

Scoots and Skip It. Yes, Skip It.
Hula Hooping
Long Boarding
Just being.

aaaannnddd... I'm back!

Its been over a year since I posted last. A year. I never left the blog world, I still stalk all of you. But, now I'm back to join in the fun. I'm not going to recap the past year, thats just too much and lets be honest, nobody really cares what happened in my life 8 months ago. The most major thing I'll recap is that I moved BACK to Utah.. yet again. This time for good! Loving new roommates, loving new friends, loving new traditions.

First day at Sugarhouse Park 2010. *Missing Brooke and Melissa. But Brooke is capturing this moment

Duplex Dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Magical Red Velvet Cheesecake. Love the Boys Next Door.

St. Patrick's Day Parade. Who knew? Neal loves the roller derby girls.

Middle of February +First sunshine rays we've seen in 2010=wash cars outside in flip flops

Ogden Winter Fest. Winter would not have been complete without Ski Joring, Human Bowling, this Muskrat or Great Harvest. Thanks Tanner.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hit the road Jack

Its about time I went on a vacation! Even though it was only about 30 hours long, it was so nice to just get away with my girls! We had a blast. We left work on Saturday afternoon and drove to Shreveport, LA. Barely 3 hours, it was perfect- and we were out of Texas! The drive was beautiful and it reminded meof driving through the canyons back home with all the trees and green that East Texas has. We didn't do a whole lot except dance the night away and gambled. But only a little bit of gambling. Its so boring. Except Blackjack, but the buy in was $25.. thats too much. I stuck to the penny slots and lost 24 dollars.. ALSO- they had a midget KISS cover band.. yes, all midgets. Its a travelling sort of thing from Vegas. Sadly we didn't get to see them perform, but they did come to the club we were at later that night. It was pretty sweet.

Kaysea and me by the dancing water

This is all the money that she won...

Ali and Annie
This is my roommate for anyone who didn't know or who cares.

Ali and Kaysea before heading out on the town.
I did her hair - do you LOVE it?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy "Valendays"

This is what my Valentines Day was - Setting up this beauty for my Sis and the hubby! Kent and I surprise Cami... She didn't even know I was babysitting - thats how good I am at playing it off! I went early to the hotel room and decorated it.. I had way too much fun if you can't tell...

Walking into the room - a rose petal trail
This was my favorite part. I saw it on a show once and I've always wanted to re-create it!

I hope everyone had a fun Valentines :)